You can kill people but not ideas.


January 6, 2016 by Cláudia



One common solution to terrorism is “to kill them all”. We have all heard that, maybe you see that as the only solution. Don’t think I am here to judge, I understand that given all the atrocities that have been happening, that would seem the only possible way out. The thing is, fighting to end fanaticism by exterminating them all is, on one hand, to become fanatics ourselves, and on the other hand like trying to fight Hydra – for each head you kill, two new ones appear.

Killing a terrorist is to create a martyr – an example of someone sacrificed by the evil West. An example to follow and to revenge.

We can kill every last men in the Islamic State and this would not be over. Terrorism has no religion. It isn’t even related to religion. Terrorism is literally the cultivation of terror and fear. Terrorism cannot be fought with more terror because this answer is also terrorism itself.

This can’t be the solution. Westerners are converting themselves and moving to Islam State. They are leaving their whole life behind in order to pursue the “Holy War” in name of Allah. This clearly shows that this idea, this concept, this system, exists outside the people who follow it. The idea persists, grows. An idea can’t be killed by material means because an idea isn’t material. It’s something you can’t see and that belongs outside of the material world. And this idea must be truly appealing. People are passionate about it. People are dying for it.

It’s a purpose for life. It is a way to give meaning to the meaningless disquieting human existence. It’s what we are all looking for after all: the absolute Truth.

It is distorted of course, the Truth isn’t that some people deserve to die, but it is powerful nevertheless. Not as powerful as the real Truth though. But more powerful than killing back.

The only way to dissolve an idea is to prove it is wrong: with actions, thoughts… Therefore only way to end terrorism is to practice peace. With every action moved by peace, terrorism cracks. With violent actions and counteractions this will continue forever. There is only one answer: peace.


3 thoughts on “You can kill people but not ideas.

  1. realeyezlife says:

    a head for a head…makes the whole world headless…the war on terror will end the same way as the war on drugs and poverty..with cheaper and more lethal terrorists, if there are people on this planet who hate each other, america will be there to sell guns to both’s very profitable..

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  2. Keef says:

    You cannot drive out darkness with more darkness – only light can drive out darkness.

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