Being Human is a Blessing.


October 28, 2015 by Cláudia


If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish. Jonas Salk

Earth would be better off without us. We ruin everything we touch. We kill, we torture, we destroy, we cause despair. We are self-destructive, we seem to thrive with the pain of others. We are evil tyrants who want to control everything, including natural laws. We don’t make any sense. We are paradoxical, self-destructive, parasites. We are the most dangerous, worse species to have ever stepped on Earth in the History of all time. We play no role in the ecosystems, we are blinded by power, by an alleged superiority to animals and Nature. We are foolish to try to win Nature, we will never win Nature.

We have a huge blessing.

Most times, I want to turn my back on my kind and live with the animals. They are not cruel, they are not complicated, they are not destructive: they are just animals and they live in harmony with Nature. They are Nature.

We, on the other hand, are an abomination. We destroy our home, we destroy each other, and we destroy ourselves. We have spent so many time and energy in exploiting others. We are selfish. And we cause each other so much suffering. We suffer so much. Our existence is pointless, meaningless. We are a Frankenstein of creation, the Great Leviathan.

Being Human is a curse. We, unlike other animals, are subject to cruelty. We don’t act solely on instinct, we consider and we think therefore we have choices, and those choices will affect us and others. We are cursed to be subject to others cruelty, but there are worse things than pain. Causing suffering is worse than suffering and that’s why our species is in decay. This simple principle is being ignored. To harm others is to mutilate one’s soul, even if doesn’t show at first sight. Being cruel is the greatest atrocity someone can commit to himself. The lost of integrity makes us something not-human, in denial, blinded by power and greed.

Being Human is a blessing.

We are blessed with astonishing intelligence, that gives us the ability to create. So far, we have mostly use our intelligence to create war and to subordinate others, to exploit and to cause suffering. But we can create beautiful things, like music. Music and art are Human blessings. They elevate us, and make us close to each other, they make us feel and being Human means mostly to feel. That is what we should live for, that is what we should invest our time in and that’s the meaning of life.

We are blessed with feelings. And feelings are so underrated these days… Modern society values competitivity, coldness, unemotional, effective selfs that are efficient and profitable. But that’s just absurd, we have feelings. We are capable of loving, and not because we are conditioned to, like animals in the wild who respond to a pattern, we are able to love in a unique irrational unaccountable miraculous way. We are blessed with sadness and compassion, which can lead us to acts of kindness. We can be heroic, brave, kind and empathetic. We are blessed with every feeling that makes us special and strong. Suffering is being strong, not hiding or denying. Suffering is being Human.

We are blessed with a relationship with animals no other species can enjoy. We are blessed with the ability to connect with animals in a way that is not comparable to any other phenomenon. We can turn supposedly wild ferocious animals into loving friends. But then again we subvert this. We use this to overmaster and exploit them into our own whims.

We are blessed, yet we reject those blessings. We don’t deserve to be Human.

But we are blessed with the possibility of change. No other species has this kind of choice. No animal is going to choose to be vegan or to be kinder. But we can choose to embrace our Nature and truly do her justice. Right now, the world would be better off without us, but if we change, we can turn the world into the best reality it has ever existed and be the biggest blessing to have ever stepped on Earth.

We can feel, we can love, we can think, we can choose and we can change.

We will be the biggest blessing to have ever stepped on Earth.

17 thoughts on “Being Human is a Blessing.

  1. simba20192 says:

    The recent racism events in America and protests everywhere just reinforce your post. We are a sick species to quite a follower on Twitter, where I shared this post.

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    • Cláudia says:

      I know. It’s both a blessing and a curse. We have amazing potential to do beautiful things though and that’s what I focus on when it seems like there is no hope.


  2. Stacey Ann says:

    Precious photo and good read! Truth!!

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  3. Peter Schreiner says:

    Everything I’ve ever wanted to say, but could never gather all the words into one place.

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  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    This is wonderful.”Right now, the world would be better off without us, but if we change, we can turn the world into the best reality it has ever existed and be the biggest blessing to have ever stepped on Earth.” Yes! I believe that. Hey, thanks for coming by my site and for the follow. I will be back!

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  5. sesanchuks says:

    Enlightening and really true.

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  6. This is fantastic.

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  7. voeko says:

    I really like this text. It pulled me in and I found my own thoughts drifting along and branching out from the words and the lines. It’s philosophical, but also very to the point and concrete. Well written!

    Liked by 2 people

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