Why should I care? – Introduction

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June 22, 2017 by Cláudia

With this post, I will inaugurate something a little bit different than what I have been doing with this blog. I will post every Thursday at the same time for 5 weeks and each week I will address one of the key concerns of my life. But instead of just explaining why I care about that issue, I will try to see it from the outside and react to frequent questions or statements that people who are not very interested in the issue have actually said in my life. With this, I hope to maybe address some things that I wouldn’t otherwise, such as common misconceptions or common reasons for people to disconnect from these issues. These are core concerns in my life and I spend a lot of energy, time and dedication on them so I will explain why for me the arguments are not valid or not a good enough reason not to care about a certain issue.

Here is the programme:

1 – Homelessness

2 – Animals (and veganism)

3 – Environment (and being zero-waste)

4 – Politics

5 – Immigration (and refugees)

My main goal with this is to hopefully get people to participate a bit more as I would like for this, as much as possible, to be an open discussion so I am not just once again sharing my opinion with no dissident voices, so even if you are not super interested in one of the topics, please give it a chance. Feel free to leave comments, both agreeing or disagreeing, ask other questions, present new arguments or even suggest new topics.

Also to prevent this from being just a personal opinion, I will end each post with further readings, documents with more information and facts and figures about each topic.

Hope to see you in a week!

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