It’s not worth it


June 19, 2016 by Cláudia

It’s not worth it, right? No matter how hard you try, or the little changes you make in the world, it will never stop being an unfair cruel world. We’re being idealists if we believe it will be any other way.

It is the way it is. Either we learn to play by the rules, or we get crushed. It is a matter of kill or be killed.

Even if I change my behaviour it will not make any difference, the changes that really matter are made by the Government.

It’s the Government’s fault.

It’s the Government responsibility.

There are a lot of inequalities in society, but life’s not fair anyway. 

I don’t agree with the way things are, but it’s not my fault they are like this. I didn’t make the rules. I am just one in a group of many.

That’s just how society works. The smart ones rise and the others get crushed.

I’m not a bad person! I’m not hurting anyone. There’s just nothing I can do.

It’s not worth it.




This way of thought is instilled in most people’s way of thinking, therefore it is easy to believe it. Truth is, despite all my struggles, despite trying to be a better person, despite trying to be kind, trying to be tolerant, despite believing in peace, the world all around me doesn’t seem to be noticing my effort. That means it’s worthless, right?


The only thing that makes change impossible is not believing in it.

All my actions, thoughts and attitudes affect the synergies that revolve me and are affected by them. Every time I refuse to spread negativity, every time I show tolerance to difference, every time I show kindness it has an impact. Asking if someone is okay, refusing plastic, reacting calmly instead of violently to a rude remark, refusing to buy unethically made products – all these have great impact. Even if the only one involved is myself – having a healthy meal, stop smoking, doing some yoga – these all are extremely impactful in the world.

Violence and hatred spread violence and hatred, but kindness spreads kindness. It’s not always clear which of these forces is “winning” but what is clear is that we are much more surrounded by kindness than we realize. And we have the power to change all the actions we do that spread hatred and start spreading hope.

The media spread so much negativity (maybe to demoralize people? to make them feel like there’s nothing we can do?) and it’s really easy to get demotivated and feel like there’s no hope for us. My whole life is a constant oscillation between losing faith in Humanity and regaining faith in Humanity. A constant conflict between a deep misanthropy and a feeling of being blessed to be Human. 

What we constantly don’t realize is how much so many people are doing around us. And I don’t mean donating millions to charity, I mean people whose actions are mindful of others, of the environment, of themselves. People who live Zero Waste lifestyles because they want to reduce their impact on the environment, people who are vegan because they don’t want to support cruelty anymore, people who fight for equality, for the well-being of others, people who through their actions, words and attitudes can change someone’s mind about it “all being worthless”.

This is the way to change: individuals who gain awareness of their actions and their power of change and go off the railroad tracks in order to make something better. There’s no other way. There won’t be a sudden shift in Humanity in which everyone will magically change who they are and what they care about. It is our Government’s job to look out for their citizens, but we can’t rely on them to change, as change comes from within. There can’t be a leader that obligates everyone to act a certain way: that’s dictatorship and won’t be genuine or lasting.

This is something I struggle with, because I want to open the people’s eyes in certain topics and I get really frustrated if they don’t care, but we all need to respect that everyone has their own battles. Change will not happen by forcing it to people. Change will not happen if we spread negativity and attack each other.

Change happens when we are true to ourselves, and when we act in a way that makes our conscience be at peace. When we don’t need to make excuses for what we do, when we don’t act mechanically because something is accepted and “normal” in society. When we are mindful of the consequences of what we do and decide maybe we could do better. When we gain awareness of the power of change we hold in each and every one of us and cherish that.

Thank you for caring.

7 thoughts on “It’s not worth it

  1. remanandhra says:

    – Big things are made of little things, therefore little things matter.
    – We have the means by which we can make sure everyone’s existence is secured.
    – Most of positive changes made by government in the last centuries were imposed on it by people.
    – Good behaviour makes a good example.
    – Life is not fair, that’s why we need to deliberately and compassionately shape our institutions, it makes solidarity a must, cooperation a necessity.
    – The way society works is extremely prone to changes and fluid, like the life itself.
    – The effort should not be treated as commodity, it doesn’t have an objective value.
    – When it comes to hatred, there are no sides, hatred is all the same.
    – Power is in the hands of the people, but it’s mostly used to sustain state, not to oppose it.
    – As always, it’s all about individual initiative, because group has no personality.

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  2. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Haha I love that sign!

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  3. realeyezlife says:

    great blog..and is why I’M FEELING THE BERN 🙂

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