Cinderella: A fairytale

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May 18, 2016 by Cláudia


A young girl is sitting huddled in a tight, poorly lit room. The feeling it gives us is claustrophobic. She has some old bruises and some new bruises, she is thin and her skin is pale in a greyish manner. She is swaying back and forth while mumbling incoherently and we can hear diffuse noises of people chatting and laughing from outside.


Noise… laughing… always laughing… at my expense! It’s the devil cackling. Planning on killing my cat, my sweet sweet cat. My little meow catty cat little little sweet cat dear cat cat. I love you catty cat. You know, I want my prince charming, I’ll meet him in a ball. A fairy will give me a beautiful beautiful dress. I will travel there in a pumpkin, mice will ride the pumpkin, it will be beautiful! You’ll see, cat!

She starts to sing tunelessly while petting an invisible cat, smiling vaguely and alienated.


Cat cat catty cat you are my life. Meow meow meowy meow does the catty cat. I love my catty cat, love love love, catty cat loves Cinderella, yes yes. Cinderella doesn’t live without her cat. Cinderella can’t let them kill the cat.

She stops singing suddenly, becoming static looking at the door, her face turns very serious and her speaking seems like a growl.


I’ll kill them.

Footsteps become audible, moving closer and closer and we hear a key opening the door from outside. A large bearded man enters, with heavy footsteps, and throws an old bread at Cinderella that hits her in the stomach. He speaks shortly, not looking directly at her.


It’s your lucky day. You’re going to your sisters. They need you for something.

The man grabs her thin arm with his hand and drags her out of the room.


Two other girls are in the balcony, one of them is around five years old and the other isn’t older than twelve. At the sight of Cinderella, they look nervously away. Cinderella has her eyes almost closed, because of the brightness she is not used to and mumbles the song about her cat, as if she was still in her room. The older sister takes her sister’s hand and holds it tightly. Then takes a deep breath and very quietly speaks to Cinderella, looking down.



She remains in silence for a while, but Cinderella continues to mumble her song and doesn’t seem to have noticed she has been spoken to.


You know, we didn’t ask for you to do anything. You don’t have to do anything, you can stay here with us just talking and we’ll tell Father you’ve cleaned the whole balcony.

There is a pause again, but nothing happens.


I hear you sing about a cat. Do you like cats?

Cinderella remains absent minded but then it seems like something catches her attention and looks directly at her sister, with glazed eyes.


The voices… it’s you! I won’t let you. I will do anything to protect my cat. Traitors! Traitors! Devil’s mistresses is what you are! Always laughing, always laughing at me, your voices are made of Devil’s sound.

The two sisters start trembling, the younger one is silently sobbing, frightened that one of her sobs is going to draw attention to her. Although trembling, the older sister continues to speak.


We always call for you and tell Father we need you to clean, but we just want to hang out with you…


Clean, Cinderella! You’re only good for cleaning! You’re nothing compared to your sisters, you’ll never be anything, you’re just as disgusting as your mother! Clean clean clean, mops and brooms and dusters. Dusters are my favourite.


No! Listen to me, we want to escape. We’ve stolen some food, you can come with us and it will be all over. Father is with women now, he is distracted, they will drink and talk loudly. We can run. We have a plan.

The sister looks hopefully at Cinderella, showing her two colourful backpacks, the younger sister is hiding behind the older sister’s figure but shyly peeking. We see a close-up of Cinderella, who becomes transfigured, her eyes twitching, her cheeks get red and her body moves as though she was possessed.


KILLERS! KILLERS! I knew it, you have a plan to kill catty. But I won’t let you, I will stop you! I will get my prince, and my ball, and my beautiful dress!


She’s mad!


No! It’s not her fault, let’s go, we don’t have much time.


I don’t want her to come, I’m scared.


Please, let’s go, we’ll take your catty with us see? He’s coming with us.

She holds an invisible cat and grabs Cinderella’s hand, but is shaken off violently. Cinderella is roaring now and pushes her sisters towards the balcony.


THAT’S NOT MY CATTY! You’re all against me! You want to feed me to Father, you want him to have me, you want me to be consumed, burnt, chewed on! AND YOU WANT TO KILL MY CATTY, I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL MY CATTY!

Cinderella grabs both sisters by their neck and chokes them will all the fury she feels. They both try to escape but aren’t strong enough, they look at her pleadingly and the older sister gathers all her strengths and, nearly out of breath speaks to her.


Let’s… escape… We will be… happy.

Cinderella, panting, and with her eyes watering, impulsively pushes both sisters of the balcony. A piercing scream is heard, while she watched them fall for some seconds and then be silenced. Cinderella smiles, looks at a spot right beside her as if there was something there, and starts laughing with real joy.


I saved you dear cat. I got rid of the evil sisters finally. Now I only have to wait for my fairy godmother. I will be so happy.


Cinderella is in a hospital room, tied to a bed. She smiles and whispers to herself unintelligible words, while trying to make gestures with her arms, as if trying to dance. A nurse comes in her room.


Good evening, dear, it’s time to take your medication, how are you feeling?


Oh, my fairy, it was a wonderful evening! A pumpkin turned into a carriage, ten mice suddenly were ten coachmen and I looked so beautiful, you should have seen me. I finally found my beautiful prince, he fell in love with me when he realized the shoe fit in my tiny foot. It didn’t fit anyone else, just me. We will be happily ever after. And as for the cat, he just said “Meow”!

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