Ideas change the world.


October 27, 2015 by Cláudia


Yes, ideas. Not laws, not wars, ideas.

When someone is capable of imagining a certain reality as possible, it immediately becomes possible. An “utopian” reality is still not possible simply because most minds are, for the time being, incapable to extend the imagination to that extent. How could we have a fair society if most people don’t believe in it?

I believe we will live in peace and harmony one day, and Humankind will reach its most perfect form and realize its full potential – and it is so much. I believe one day Humankind will be the best species to have stepped on Earth instead of the worst. I believe one day we will respect each other and Nature. I believe. What about you?


9 thoughts on “Ideas change the world.

  1. I like this post in the sense that It’s true that one must be willing them self. No matter how many times you kill them or make a law, there has to be WILL to change.
    As for humankind being ‘the best species to have ever stepped foot on earth’……
    How can you have a best? There’s no competition. It’s already one. And ever is right now. It just up to humans to understand that. We can be as best as the rest
    …. In response to the comment discussion here…. there are many human thoughts but there is only one mankind. I live in paradise right now and it’s growing and learning every day.
    People don’t know where to head. They don’t know what paradise is because they haven’t let it be born in their minds.
    There’s a wave coming and people don’t wana move because they can’t see it yet. Schoor- blow your mind right around that mountain and look to the wild (I’m not talking the t.v’s and books brainwash of what the wild is)…. Go and sit with the horse.
    I see you’ve mentioned some more veganism and things in recent posts which I appreciate. I would love to see more posts on veganism to raise awareness for the plants animals water and air. That’s where the soul is at. That’s what’s keeping us alive. If we can all do our best to make everything we do for the PAWAS. That’s the love of life
    All my love

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    • Your thoughts are always so inspiring and inspired. I truly believe you have a real perception, you see things.
      You are right about the “best species” remark! I didn’t mean it like there is a hierarchy between the species. I meant that today we’re only doing here doing harm, we have no part in the Earth’s ecosystem and one day we can.
      Lots of love and thank you for another enlightening comment, as always.


  2. We are such a diverse mass of people with different values, personalities and life goals a common utopia is never possible. That’s why I don’t dream but live my life every day to the fullest extent I can while staying true to my values: exercise, take care of myself both physically and mentally, show love and respect to my fellow humans, keep my loved ones safe and try not to hurt others intentionally.


  3. everschoor says:

    Hey! You’ve got another fan. Last week i’ve almost read all of your blogs, and you’ve got a great skill in that matter. So here’s the first comment on this questionnaire 😉

    I believe everybody has an idea of their imaginary utopia. If you’d ask anyone what would their ideal world look like, they’ll probably have an answer. However I don’t feel like any of those people are working towards that utopia (or maybe they do and all the different ideals collide with each other, making it impossible to get somewhere). Also as everybody has different points of views and characters for that matter, i don’t think we’ll ever respect each other (without scientific intervention). Nature on the other hand is a different matter, we’re already coming a long way towards that ideal situation with eco-buildings, recycling, cleaning and such.

    Btw as you’re probably thinking about these problems longer then I have, i’d love to have some feedback or questions on my latest blog on utopia:

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    • Wow thanks a lot, really!
      I think that if people really open their minds to “utopia” (I don’t really like the term utopia because of the bad connotation it carries, but I mean the best world we can have) they will come to the conclusion that we all want the same thing: a world where everyone is free to be whoever they want to be, without cruelty or injustice (the one that can be avoided, for there are natural injustices that will not cease to exist).
      Anyway, this is something I have been thinking lately – if we were freed from preconceptions, wouldn’t we all want the same thing, to live in peace and harmony?
      Well, I could stay here all nigh aha 🙂 so thank you for stopping by and leave a comment, this is really what blogging is all about for me, the exchange. I will check your post now 🙂


      • everschoor says:

        Yes, i totally agree that a world where everyone is free should be our main goal…but to live in peace and harmony is something I can’t seem to get in my head. For centuries we, as a species, have been waging war and that’s still going on. Why? Because we’re bored any other way. We need or want to have goals, because without them we’re stranded and doing nothing. And if you look at 2/3th of all these goals, they’re about competition.

        For example let’s imagine peace and harmony, what would an normal day look like? Work? probably not because thats competition and competition is all but peace and harmony. All day behind our gadgets while some robots keep our economy running? Nah, we’re busy bee’s we humans, we couldn’t do that. Probably also something to do with my own preconceptions, but still

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        • I see what you mean, it seems that without war etc our life would be empty. But does that mean we thrive because of pain, war, exploitation?
          I think peace does not mean boredom and in peace we could pursue the beautiful things that make us human, like being able to connect with each other.


          • everschoor says:

            I think that we thrive because we have an objective to work for, a goal to reach. And it’s not pain or war or exploitation…its wanting to see whats behind the mountain. Curiosity is why we thrive. War simply makes development go a little faster, for example we’d never had telephones and computers if it wasn’t for the last few major wars. It’s not just communication and calculation devices, it’s also health research, psychological analysis and technological improvements. At that time, those are the things that are important.
            That’s why i believe why we can’t live in a world of peace and harmony. We wouldn’t have a pressing matter to handle. We wouldn’t have a mountain to climb 😉


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