One Lovely Blog Award!

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October 21, 2015 by Cláudia


Thank you so much to Jo (Beauty and the Brains) for nominating me! I am probably getting WAY too excited about this than it is supposed to but I just get so happy when people like the things I do 🙂 🙂 🙂 :). Okay enough smiles. Just one more :).

So the rules for this award are as follows:
Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.

Share 7 facts or things about yourself.

1 – When I was five, my biggest dream was to change the world. Today, it still is.

2 – Recently, I have become vegan, and I am extremely happy and proud of my decision.

3 – Today I realized I have trouble accepting compliments. I just get really nervous and start making excuses to why I am not worthy of the compliment. So, from now on, I will stop doing it.

4 – I struggle with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. It is a big part of my life that I don’t like to leave out, but at the same time it doesn’t define me. I believe in the goodness of Human nature, and I believe one day the world will be a good place to live in. I am an optimistic with depressive tendencies (a hell of a combination!).

5 – My family consists in my parents and my grandparents. No siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles. I have a tiny family.

6 – I like being alone, but not lonely

7 – I experience strong feelings of empathy. Everyday I feel like I am carrying the whole world’s sadness with me and it is a big weight to carry.

Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

1 – Lexus Writes

2 – People Planet Revolution

3 – Time Keeps on Flowing

4 – Natural Understanding 

5 – We healing PAWAS

So this was a different post, I shared a bit about myself and some of the blogs I enjoy, and I showed that I get happy when someone says they like my work :).

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