Wake up!


September 14, 2015 by Cláudia


We’re numb, surrounded by distractions that keep us from acting or thinking. We want entertainment. We look at our cell phone screen, post a new photo on Facebook, play through the five lives in Candy Crush and don’t think. We live in denial, closing our minds to the atrocities that happen right beside us. We look but we don’t see, and we even don’t feel that much anymore. We try to buy our happiness, fill us with stuff.

Our generation is asleep, we don’t act anymore. In the past, people used to fight for their rights and dreamt about a better future. Nowadays in my country, 40% of the people don’t even bother to vote. The right to vote was conquered, there were people who fought for it! But now we seemed to have forgotten that we have power to change what surrounds us. That society was built by people and that can be changed by people too.

Our planet is being destroyed and one day it will be destroyed beyond repair. Ambitious unethical companies put production before sustainability but nobody seems to care. It is OUR planet they are destroying and OUR resources they are abusing. Let’s make a mental exercise: imagine someone enters your house and spits on the floor, then fills your house with garbage, fills the air with toxic gases and then steals your most valuable possessions. Would you support that person? Would you let someone violate your home? Well, this is what we do on a daily basis. We buy a Coke, a Kit Kat knowing (but not caring) that these companies are violating the Earth and by doing that we are also violating our Earth. In fact, ultimately, the Earth is our home and if we let it be destroyed, we can say goodbye to Humankind. This may be obvious, even childish, but it is something that many people haven’t realized: without a healthy environment, having a lot of money will not do you any good.

We are numb and allow to be stepped on. If destroying our home isn’t proof enough, then let me tell you something else: we are being poisoned. Yes, poisoned. Almost all the products we interact with (food, cosmetics, clothes, hygiene products) are filled with toxic substances, such as cancerisn substances or neurotoxic substances. And let us not think these substances are harmless because in the U.S.A. only 20% of the cosmetic products are tested, and we can’t possibly know how these substances interact with all the other toxics that we put in our bodies. Furthermore, and this is only my speculation but I believe it has some truth in it, I believe cancer and other serious diseases like Alzheimer are really growing in strength and number. If you are sceptical, just think how many people you know who have had, or had anyone in the family who have had cancer or Alzheimer, diseases that were at a time very serious and rare. I know three people, and that’s a lot because I know very few people. These diseases are now quite common and that’s not a surprise given that even baby creams have cancerisn substances in them. So, basically, we are being poisoned and we even happily buy and consume the products that are poisoning us.

Money seems to have completely subdued every value that is inherent to Humankind. We react naturally to someone being homeless or having a really difficult life because they do not have money. We even let money distort our vision of reality. Everything is justified because “we are in crisis” (everyone seems to be in crisis these days). What does this mean? Does this mean we don’t have enough resources? Enough people to work? No. It means we have “no money”. But I don’t believe it. We are all broke, it seems. Broke why? There is so much waste around us, waste of food, waste of resources, waste of time and energy… Even waste of money. The other day, one of the politicians in my country had a lunch with the others in his party that costed 20000€ (about 22,633$ and 14,673£) from our state budget. I mean, from the money that was supposed to be used to pay our salaries and make improvements to our country. Our salaries are being reduced and life quality being harmed and our governors (who supposedly are taking care of us) are having 20000€ lunches (and we can only guess what other dishonesties they are making). This new didn’t chock me as much as the lack of interest the population showed. Some people complained, but no one acted and people will probably vote in that man again because no one is interested anymore.

Our governors used to take care of their population, at least that’s their job! If I do my job wrong, I am fired, so why do our governors keep defrauding us and people do nothing? I don’t understand when people say they are not interested, I mean, they have power over your lives! They should protect their people, not let companies sell us harmful products. They should give us living conditions that provide us with the possibility of living a happy, full life. That should be the priority. Many people will say that this is idealistic, but I ask, why is it idealistic? I would say that it is realistic to built a society in which the priority is happiness instead of money. I repeat that society is not a divine entity but was built by people, and people have the power to build a new one. We have our priorities all wrong, and worst of all, we think that this is the best that we can have “Things are the way they are”.

The truth is, everything that surrounds us manipulates us into thinking that this is the way it is supposed to be. Plus, there are so many distractions around us that most people don’t find the time to think about things properly: there is the Internet, there are smartphones, there are movies and shows, everything is entertainment and most of it is not destined to make you think, on the contrary. I would dare to say that the world is very smartly orquestred by the ones who have power in order to numb people and make them think they do not have power to change things. For what are those ones with power if people believe they, too, have power? Nothing. Power is a double-edged sword: they only have it because we give it to them.

So, please, wake up from this numbness. Enough of misery, enough of injustice, enough of not fighting for our rights. Enough of putting money in front of happiness. Enough of conformism and thinking we do not have power to change things. Enough of don’t feeling anything.

Enough is enough, wake up!

Know more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM

The danger of our cosmetics : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfq000AF1i8

6 thoughts on “Wake up!

  1. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    A great piece that I thoroughly endorse!

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  2. ah that’s awesome much respect. don’t get demotivated, you’re right, the world does need all you can do, so keep doing what you can. p.s – are you a brother or a sister?

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  3. to be ‘holy’ means ‘to be set apart’. i hear what you’re saying. i appreciate you having some real feeling and putting something out to the world. you know when you got all that feeling and energy and emotion and you want to really shake things up and change the world. but then fighting for peace can be a contradiction. it gets to the point where you think, i gotta get right with myself. i can change the world by getting myself right. because when i’m doing it right, i can be that peace in the chaos. i can be righteous. i can be a warrior. i can be HOLY. start right now. when you stop eating and buying animal products, you stop funding those thoughts of cruelty, sadism, suffering and sadness. your improved diet means you get healthier yourself. when you eat more fruit and veg you can feel that pure energy in you mind body and soul. you feel empowered. you have a sense of real life purpose. you can know that you’re a warrior and you’re changing the world from within, bringing it round to peace.

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    • Thank you for taking the time and comment! It is demotivating to feel like all we can do is not enough, nevertheless the world need all I can do.
      I am already vegan actually, a real proud vegan 🙂 There are a lot of changes I still want to make, namely towards a zero waste lifestyle.
      Glad to connect with another one that believes in change and improving the world.


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