I’m going down and nobody knows me.


June 6, 2015 by Cláudia

I dreamt my boyfriend spent the night with his ex-girlfriend. I asked him if they did anything, he said no, but everything pointed at yes.

They are like best friends, but he never talks about her. In my head there are so many signs but I don’t know if I’m being maniac. I hope I am but at the same time I hope I’m not. They have chemistry.

I’m going nuts, overly obsessing with this.

I am having panic attacks. I am crying over a betrayal I am not sure it even happened. He says she is an important friend he won’t give up. She says I’m a whore to everyone.

It is not very tragic in real life but from my perspective it is. I could write a whole book about this tiny shit with all the rambling that’s going on inside my head. But it’s not worth it. It would only increase this paranoia.

I’m going down and nobody knows me.

One thought on “I’m going down and nobody knows me.

  1. ayastobbe says:

    Hey.. I don’t think you sound nuts at all… If she’s spreading rumors about you, he should choose between you… If he chooses her, he’s not worth it anyway…
    Stop blaming yourself, a take the happiness you need for yourself.. Nobody’ll hand it to you, and you gotta stand up for yourself.

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