Living in a time of economic crisis


May 21, 2015 by Cláudia

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” Dave Ramsay

Wait – did I say economic crisis? I meant spiritual crisis. The expression is so instilled in common though that it is easy to fall in the habit of saying that we are in a time of economic crisis. We are constantly told that we are in crisis because the country has a huge debt, but I don’t get what this concept means. For starters, who came up with this idea? It seems that no one knows who created the concept of economic crisis, yet it is such a commonplace and repetitious expression “we are in an economic crisis”. Yet, if we go deep into the concept, it falls into vacuity. Who do we owe money to exactly? What does it mean when a country owes money to another? I owe no one money. It is just one of those ideas that seem almost transcendental and no one questions them. “Economy”, for example, is just a made up concept that refers to nothing in the real world. Does economic crisis mean that we have no appropriate soils to cultivate or enough people to create things? No. It means we have no money, another made up concept.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about economic crisis when everyone’s life goal is to greedily accumulate pieces of paper and then consume, consume, consume. How can we justify that people live in misery, when restaurants throw food away and most people just eat more than they need to and then go to the gym to lose weight? Money is a virtual concept thaconsumismot no longer relates to the resources a country has. Money, nowadays, means nothing except power, and that’s why there are people living in poverty. The concept of money means some people will invariably be poor and, in the longer run, some countries as well. The fact that we are in an “economic crisis” means that Portugal, as a country, is just less influential than Germany, who we supposedly owe money to.

Life revolves completely around Economy, a transcendental force, the God of the twenty-first century. That’s real crisis. People alienated from reality, pursuing delusional values, living repeatedly through a chain of work, gain money and spend the money or try to find ways to make even more money. We don’t need more money in our banks, we need more soul. We need to look around, instead of looking only at ourselves (or our mobile phone) and be human beings instead of credit card numbers. How hollow is this way of living!

We need to rethink the way society works, look up from our phones, stop thinking about what to by next and live life the real way.


4 thoughts on “Living in a time of economic crisis

  1. ayamstobbe says:

    You are not alone in thinking this way 🙂 And we are not alone, there are good people all over.. there are just quite a lot of crappy ones as well.. Maybe we can reach them!


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