The Binary System


October 29, 2014 by Cláudia

Things are either this or that, either yes or no.

My English teacher says this is how the human mind works, and that’s why we programmed computers in the binary system.
What happens with me then? I’m neither distant nor near, neither good nor bad. I’m both everything and nothing and so is the world I see through my eyes. There is nothing binary in my world, not even the simplest things. Everything is multiple. Or rather, everything is infinite.
But I know I am not the only one who sees the world. I think of it like a “Divergente” thing like…
Is this a disease? Is this an ill functioning of the brain? Even if it is, I don’t want it “fixed”.
The world isn’t binary and so I’m not binary with him.
I’m from the world and I’m free.

3 thoughts on “The Binary System

  1. msaum3 says:

    Lovely post.

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